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Proposal for a new "Double Door"

Music Venue

The current operators of Double Door in Wicker Park and Metro in Lakeview (Joe Shanahan and Sean Mulroney) are proposing a new concert venue in the historic Logan Square State and Savings Bank.

Similar to the Double Door facility in Wicker Park, the bank building has entrances on two major streets (2551 North Milwaukee and 3061 West Logan Boulevard).

Located in the historic district, the proposal is for a sensitive restoration (exterior and interior) following landmark guidelines.

The proposal is for a 650 people concert area plus two bar areas with capacities of 229 and 120.

The architect for the proposed project is Jonathan Splitt Architects Ltd.

The current building zoning is B3-3 and no request for zoning change is anticipated.

A new 2 AM liquor license will be requested.

If the proposed project proceeds, the venue would be opened in late 2017.

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