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    To Educate about, Preserve and Beautify

    our Historic Neighborhood


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    Logan Square Preservation is a community organization dedicated to educating citizens about architecture, history and beautification.


    LSP holds membership meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm to discuss all issues and projects.


    Meeting Time: 7 PM

    Location: Meetings are held at the Minnekirken (Norwegian Lutheran Church)

    2614 N. Kedzie Blvd



    Learn more from our bylaws at this link. Logan Square Preservation is a 501(c)3 non-profit.


    President Andrew Schneider

    Vice-President Joshua Gartler

    Treasurer Bruce Anderson

    Secretary William Bennett


    Board of Directors

    Nicole Duran – Greg Hare
    Ron Kaminecki – Vicki Logan
    Shana Liberman – Marcy Marzuki
    Charlie Ockerlund - Kate Paris
    Jason Shintani

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    Comfort Station

    Comfort Station is a turn-of-the-century structure turned multidisciplinary arts space in the heart of Chicago’s Logan Square. Originally a shelter for trolley riders in the early 1900s, the building was eventually defunct and was used to store the city’s lawn equipment for decades. The space was adopted and restored in 2010 by Logan Square Preservation and opened as its current incarnation as a community-focused art space in 2011.

  • Get Involved

    Activities within LSP are organized under several standing committees. Start with the contacts here to find activities that fit your interests.


    Contact us about Membership

    Membership is tasked with engaging existing members, promoting LSP and preservation in the neighborhood community and the City in order to grow our organization.

    Outreach and Communications

    Outreach includes initiatives to work with LSP members and the larger Logan Square community in fulfillment of the first pillar of LSP's mission: Educate. Outreach and communication are important to maintaining a sense of place, a key component of the character of Logan Square that makes our neighborhood more than rows of houses and condos. The committee also manages branding and operates LSP's online and social media.

    Contact the Chair – Matt Bergstrom

    Archival fulfills a key part of the second pillar of LSP's mission: Preserve. The committee acquires and preserves photos, documents, ephemera and all kinds of other artifacts from the history of Logan Square. The committee also maintains an online catalog of our collection.

    Contact the Co-Chairs – Kate Paris-Tsan and Bruce Anderson

    Preservation & Restoration are the balance of LSP's mission to Preserve. The committee organizes many activities to promote and maintain the historic character and resources of our neighborhood. That includes advocating for historic preservation at community meetings and directly to City officials considering permits and zoning amendments.


    Contact the Chair – Shana Liberman

    The work of the Beautification committee has the most noticeable impact — mostly tree planting — and fulfills the third pillar of LSP's mission: Beautify. Beautification work encompasses all projects that improve the boulevards and the Logan Square neighborhood.


    Contact the Chair – Marcy Marzuki

    The Events committee helps build our neighborhood community by organizing LSP's events and fundraising. Member meet-ups are a great chance to get to know other preservation-minded neighbors, learn about historic parts of the neighborhood — and have some fun!

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    Logan Square Preservation is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

    If you are interested in donating to Logan Square Preservation please complete the form below so that we can contact you directly by phone or email.

    Donations can be directed to a specific purpose or a general fund for LSP's mission and activities. LSP can accept donations of cash or marketable securities according to the Donation Acceptance Policy. Securities donations are facilitated by Modern Capital Concepts / LPL Financial, who generously waives transaction fees.

    Logan Square Preservation will honor the request of donors who wish to remain anonymous.

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